A Day at World’s 2nd Longest Beach: Marina Beach, Chennai

Being an employee of a high profile multinational company can be demanding. Back to back meetings, successive presentations, drafting of reports, interacting with the clients – and the whole day goes by! In fact, I was in one of the well-known hotels along Patullos Road for a business meeting with a client when I was informed that my meeting got rescheduled for the next week. While this did leave me irked initially, I decided to make the most of my spare time by stopping over at Marina Beach, which is located near the hotel where my meeting was scheduled to happen.

The first thing that I did when I reached here was to take a long relaxing stroll along the beach. Stretching across an expanse of 13 km, this beach had a vast terrain for me to explore. What made this walk interesting was the splash of waves against my feet as I took steps across the soft surface of the golden sands. This was a great opportunity for me to take a break from the monotony of my routine and to spend some moments of tranquility by myself.

After this, I dropped by at Madras Lighthouse situated at the beach. This enabled me to enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of the picturesque landscape of the city. What is particularly striking about this lighthouse is that it is the only lighthouse in the whole country, which has a lift. Thronged by a sea of visitors, this was a major attraction at the beach.

1Being a huge fan of marine life, my next stop had to be the beach’s aquarium. A world class aquarium indeed, this was nothing less than a museum of vibrant marine and freshwater fish. An interesting fact about this aquarium is that it happens to be the first aquarium of the nation. Unfortunately, it was destructed when India experienced Tsunami and was later reconstructed.

My final stop along this beach was Kamarajar Salai, the promenade flanking the beach. It is lined with particularly impressive buildings built in Indo-Saracenic style, including statues of famous personalities such as that of Mahama Gandhi, C N Annadurai & M G Ramachandran. It also houses an artificial waterfall, which is 34 ft. tall. It was indeed a refreshing thing to watch after a day filled with sight-seeing. And with this, my unexpected daylong break from the office came to an end.

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