Some Interesting Facts about Chennai

Situated on the enchanting shore of the majestic Bay of Bengal, the coastal town of Chennai is a treasure trove for visitors. Having a plethora of tourist destinations in its kitty, this city is flooded by an ocean of visitors from distant lands throughout the year. The charm of this city is further accentuated by the intriguing trivia surrounding it. Some of the interesting facts that are associated with Chennai include:
• The quaint city of Chennai houses world’s 2nd oldest corporation; the oldest one being in London. The city’s corporation has been operational since 1688. The first Mayor of this corporation was Nathaniel Higginson, an American born Englishman.
• Chennai houses the largest Clover leaf shaped flyover in Asia. The ‘Kathipara Flyover’ is situated in the area around Guindy. The flyover connects NH 45 with Mount-Poonamallee Road. This is also the starting point of the ‘Grand Southern Trunk Road’, which connects Chennai with Trichy.
• The alluring Fort St. George is located in this city. This famed structure was erected in the year 1640 by the British East India Company in order to give an impetus to its trading activity in India. What sets this fort apart from the rest of its counterparts is that it is the first fortress, which was constructed by the British on the land of India.
• Chennai is also home to St. Mary’s Church, which is situated inside Fort St. George. Constructed in 1678, this is believed to be the oldest Anglican Church in India as well as the oldest building established by the British in India.
• It is the center of germination of the celebrated classical Indian dance form – Bharatnatyam. It is a beguiling dance form, which is usually performed by women. According to historical evidence, it was performed by devadasis (female servants of God) in Hindu temples out of sheer love and devotion to deities.
• In Chennai, you can visit the house of Swami Vivekanand, the well-known 19th century social reformer who popularized the tenets of Ramakrishna Mission. Fondly known as ‘The Ice House’, this place is frequented by pilgrims and disciples of Vivekanand throughout the year.
• Chennai has a thriving automobile industry. In fact, 40% of the country’s motor vehicles are manufactured here. This is why Chennai has been branded as ‘The Detroit of India’.
• Established in 1885, Vandalur Zoo, Chennai, is the first public zoo of India. This is also one of the zoos having the largest area in the country.
• Chennai is also the breeding ground for the Tollywood industry. The popular MGR Film City is situated in the middle of Chennai. It is named after the esteemed Tamil actor, MG Ramachandran. Numerous Telugu flicks are filmed here, making it a famous tourist hub of the city.

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