Benefits of Booking Wedding Hotels in Chennai

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and so is the time of love. This period sees not just the mushrooming of many new love stories, with newly love struck couples expressing their platonic love & affection for each other; this month of romance also sees many lovers taking their love story to the next level by walking down the aisle and solemnizing their bond amidst the blessings & good wishes of their loved ones. A good wedding hotel becomes a must to ensure that this beautiful chapter unfolds seamlessly in the lives of these charming couples. This blog brings out some of the benefits of booking wedding hotels in your very own city, Chennai:

1An Unperturbed Night

One of the major areas of concern when it comes to planning a wedding is choosing the right venue; while some couples may prefer to opt for a simple temple/court marriage, others might want a wedding by the beach or an opulent wedding in a hotel. One advantage of hosting a wedding in a hotel is that you wouldn’t have to worry about erratic things like an unremitting spell of rain or scorching heat of the sun in a temple or the stuffy air of a congested court room! The air conditioned banquet halls of Chennai will allow you to enjoy a hassle-free fun-filled night with your family and friends while you brim in ecstasy.

Wedding Planning & Impeccable Delivery

Planning for a wedding can be daunting. From getting in touch with the right electrician to the right DJ to the right florist to the right caterers; there’s a bouquet of things that need to be executed immaculately on this special occasion. Orchestrating a wedding in a reputed hotel in Chennai offers the benefit of saving you from any last minute panic attacks as you leave all your worries on the experienced professionals of the hotel who are used to flawlessly facilitating numerous weddings each day.

Banquet Hall

A huge benefit of booking a hotel in Chennai for your wedding is that it keeps you at bay from the sweltering heat of the sun and allows you to have a smooth function in its air conditioned ambience. Besides, it also provides you with an expansive venue, which can easily accommodate a gathering of 100-150 individuals on an average. Moreover, it takes care of everything from audio-visual arrangements to seating alignment and floral decorations.

Food & Beverages

Having a persistent flow of succulent & sumptuous snacks is a must for any great wedding function. For this, you need seasoned culinary professionals who know their seasonings pretty well! Having a wedding in a hotel leaves the responsibility of making all the catering arrangements on the hotel team. This will also spare you the trouble of getting in touch with separate vendors. After all, “too many chefs spoil the broth”, as goes the famous English proverb.

Spa & Salon

Most of the good hotels have a spa/salon facility where you can rejuvenate for an extra bridal glow & get ready for your D Day. Not just would it prevent your make up from coming out in the car if you get ready in a parlor, it will also save you from the anxiety of getting stuck in traffic and arriving late for your wedding!

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